The Struggle is Real

There comes a time when we call face this demon. Some of us manage to keep going, others aren't so fortunate. For some reason I have a strong will inside of myself even though this demon keeps coming at me time and time again. I have so much that I'm doing that eventually I know something is going to improve.

Why I face this demon so frequently I'll never know. This time I don't even want to leave the house and when I do I'm exhausted because of it. I think part of my issue is I've wasted a little over a month trying to find a new therapist. I was hopeful with the one that I tried working with during this time but she turned out to be unprofessional so I start with another new one on Wednesday. This time I'm not as hopeful because she isn't a trauma based therapist but I have to take what I can get in hopes of becoming healthier.

In the mean time I really do have a lot going on. I have clients that I do freelance writing for, I have my own ebooks that I've written or am in the process of writing, and I'm also working with a direct sales company to start an Etsy store. These are all things I want to share with you in this blog in hopes of helping people with PTSD become self sufficient like I've been blessed to be. 

Somehow I never know what to blog about here when I do have the time to blog. I have so much to share and not a whole lot of time in which to share it since the majority of my weekdays are filled with work for clients. I'm learning to take the weekends off for things that I'm passionate about like this blog, Etsy, and schoolwork. It's all about the healthy balance that I've mentioned before. I'm learning that weekends are my time to recharge and enjoy life - not that I don't enjoy what I do throughout the week but sometimes I just don't have time for everything.

For me I think this change of schedule is also getting to me. I think I need some time to figure everything out but I'll be fine again in the end. I know that life is like a rollercoaster ride but I'll make it to the top again...