A day in the life of Bre...

I'm starting this blog as an extension to Ruby Hem Ministries. That blog has taken on a much more "formal" tone than I want this blog to take on. I want somewhere to share with you who I am, what I'm about, and other small bits from my life.I feel it's important to get to know the person behind the ministry, to learn who I am so you can relate to me.

This will be a blog wherein I not only share who I am and what my daily struggles are, but where I can also share with you some of my other passions and online endeavors. For instance, did you know that I'm a published freelance writer? Or that I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy store?

Why are these things important anyway? Because they tell you who I am as a person. Until recently I've never seen myself as much of a dreamer or a visionary. Now that I'm "retired" and have the freedom to be me it's been a struggle to relax into the role but at the same time it's been great because I finally get to discover the real me. I finally get to set up the Etsy store I've always wanted, to write the ebooks I've always dreamed about, and just be who I've always wanted to be, doing what I've always wanted to be.

By no means has this journey been easy. There are days when I still feel like I have to work. There are days when I'm bored with myself. And there are still other days when things stress me out when they really shouldn't. I'm sharing this with you in this blog so you'll know you're not alone when it comes to PTSD. There will be good days and there will be bad days. There will be ups and there will be downs. All of this is what I want to share here with you. So, sit down, relax and get to know me a bit.

Living life as a PTSD warrior,